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Plant assortment

We offer a wide variety of products. From the usual nursery assortment to local specialities. Our cultivars are our passion.

We do not offer an online shop in the traditional sense. You can browse our varieties online and then simply collect them from us with some care tips.

On our website, but also in our nursery, you will find various furniture and garden items that you can pick up directly from us. We wish you a pleasant visit to our site.

Here you will find a total overview of our Magnolia including inventory details, Citrus including inventory details and our detailed list of standard nursery stock.

Entries found: 4924

Honig Honig ohne Kastanienblüten (Rosa) A1

Honey harvested without chestnut blossoms
500 gr. Price 16 -. CHF
250 gr. Price 9…


Camellia japonica Ace of Hearts C1

fiore rosso semidoppio peoniaforme di 10-12Ø cm con stami gialli


Wisteria brachibotrys Caroline W1

Probably a Sinensis-Floribunda hybr. Pinkish, very fragrant.


Citrus limon Z1

Limone - Albero spinoso di media grandezza a fiori grandi. Frutto commestibile a buccia sottile…


Magnolia acuminata Blue M2

(Botanic Garden Karlsruhe)


Paeonia suffruticosa Shiunden P2

Rot-violett, halbgefüllt


Honig Honig Mit Kastanienblüten (Blau) A2

Honey harvested, with chestnut blossoms
500 gr. Price 16 -. CHF
250 gr. Price 9.--…


Camellia japonica Adolphe Audusson C2

fiore rosso scuro semidoppio imbricato di 11 Ø cm molti stami (*)


Wisteria floribunda Murasaki Naga Fuji W2

Purple snake Wistaria.Meter-long narrow purple and white inflorescences.


Citrus reticulata Mandarino - Tangerino senza semi Z3

Molto dolce, molto succoso, pochi semi, gusto piacevole e buona produzione*


Magnolia acuminata Butterflies M3

Neatly shaped tree with deep yellow, truly precocious flowers. Ten to fourteen tepals, stames…


Camellia japonica Alba C3

fiore bianco semplice


Wisteria floribunda Hon Beni Fuji // syn.Pink Ice W3

A very fine variety of Floribunda, pink racemes 40 cm long.


Camellia japonica AlbaPlena C4

fiore bianco doppio imbricato di 10 Ø cm (*)


Wisteria floribunda Murasaki Captain Fuji W4

Blue 35 cm long inflorescences, late.


Magnolia acuminata DC 4 M4

Larger darker yellow than Elizabeth


Camellia japonica Alexander Hunter C5

fiore rosso vivo semplice a semipieno con stami gialli


Wisteria floribunda Kuchi Beni Fuji W5

Girl's pink lips Wistaria. Very late pink Floribunda with pink tipto the petal. Japanese taste…


Magnolia acuminata Elizabeth M5

Large clear primrose-yellow flowers. AGM


Citrus paradisi Grapefruit Z5

Pomelo, frutto piccolo, buccia spessa con poca polpa, leggermente dolce, si sbuccia facilmente,…


Citrus medica (?) Z6

Cedro grande, succoso molto profumato, gusto come grapefruit, buccia di gusto di mela dolce,…


Camellia japonica Amabel Lansdell C6

fiore rosa chiaro al centro crème semidoppio peoniforme di 12 Ø


Wisteria brachibotrys Okayama W6

A Venusta hybr. The darkest blue-purple Wistaria, slightly fragrant.


Magnolia acuminata Fertile Myrtle M6

a neat, narrow grower selected by Phil Savage.


Camellia japonica Andromeda C7

fiore bianco-rosso vivo striato semidoppio anemoniforme